Converting from 3 to 4

Posted by: jsmith

Converting from 3 to 4 - 07/21/04 02:56 PM

Hi OL,
I just got done skimming the new version 4 manual I received in the mail and there was no section on converting from the prior release to version 4. Do you have instructions somewhere or a list of steps to follow? I have hundreds of forms as well as watch processes and settings in Image and Fax. What do I do? Thanks
Posted by: Philippe F.

Re: Converting from 3 to 4 - 07/22/04 12:07 PM


There is no specific information available for migrating from V3 to V4, for the simple reason that there's no generic checklist that can be created... it all depends on your own specific implementations.

For instance, your V3 forms: you are not absolutely required to import them into V4 (unless, of course, you need to modify them... but that only happens in a small number of instances, usually). The V3 forms will still work fine in your printer, or in your Version 4 PPWatch processes. As the old saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

The example I always use is this: when you get the latest version of your favorite Word Processor, you don't go through all your previously created letters in order to import them into the new format, do you? Well, PlanetPress is no different in that respect.

Whenever you do need to import a V3 document or process, however, chances are you won't have anything additional to do. There may be instances when a little adjusting is required, but hopefully we've made the Import function as efficient and bulletproof as possible.

However, in such instances when you just have to import a Document or a Process, I would highly recommend you take the extra time to review your imported form/process, not just to make sure it's OK, but more importantly, to see how you could use the new - and numerous - features of Version 4 to make it better, more efficient, and easier to manage.

I hope this helps.
Posted by: jsmith

Re: Converting from 3 to 4 - 07/22/04 12:19 PM

wow, that went right around the outside of my question and never answered it. OK let me try it this way. I'll give you the steps I think it should be, and you tell me if they are correct.

1. Uninstall 3
2. Install 4
(Is uninstalling needed? Will it recognise old activation codes?)
3. Reactivate if needed?
4. Move the forms to a new location (If so where?)
5. Move my Watch process to a new location? If so where?
The manual says there is a combined file that will hold all the compiled forms so how does it know what forms I already have? Do I compile them all to get them in this new file?
You see?

What do I do? I just want to upgrade from 3 to 4 and use my same watch config.pw3 and my forms. Will watch and Image keep all it's settings or do I need to redo everything? I need more info..
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Converting from 3 to 4 - 07/22/04 03:03 PM

1) Yes
2) Yes. (yes)
3) Yes.
4) You don't need to move the forms. If you want to convert them there is a tool in PP4 under the file menu called Import.
5) You don't need to move the Watch config file. Install Watch 4 and click on file open and open your version 3 config.

Your settings will be kept except for e-mail settings which need to be redone.

If you want to import already copiled version 3 forms into watch click of file-->import document.