Migrating and Upgrading

Posted by: Kestral4

Migrating and Upgrading - 12/14/04 11:34 PM


I am about to begin the process of ugrading from PP3(watch and image) to 4, our intent is to also simultaneously migrate to a new server, we have a considerable number of watch processes and forms, I have read quite a bit, and what I believe we need to do, is copy the PP3 folders to the new machine but not worry about actually installing PP3 on that machine, and then install the PP4 upgrade onto that machine. Can you please tell me if this is correct, and if not what the best way to proceed would be.

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Re: Migrating and Upgrading - 12/15/04 09:30 AM


The number of watch processes does not really matter since the entire configuration is held in the pw3 file.

You do not need to install version 3 on the new machine as you mentioned. Just make sure you have all your pw3 and pp3 files available to you from your new box to convert.

Your plan sounds good.
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Re: Migrating and Upgrading - 05/30/05 09:06 AM

I'm about to do the same thing, transfer PP3 from a workstation to a server, and upgrade it to PP4, so would it be that simple?
Copy the PP3 folders from the workstation to the server, then upgrade it?
I don't need to install PP3 on the new workstation?

Any other steps to follow?

Any feedback would help.... Thanks
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Re: Migrating and Upgrading - 06/10/05 02:28 PM


There is no need to install PP3 on the new workstation. You will install the upgrade (PP4) directly using the new serial number. After that, you will proceed with the activation process.
If you want to use pp3 forms you have to import them with PlanetPress4.
To access the PP3 Watch processes, you should open the Watch config file (config.pw3) in PPWatch4.
To be able to access all previously compiled documents, you may want to copy the contents of
PlanetPress Suite 3/PlanetPress Watch/FORMS
PlanetPress Suite 4/PlanetPress Watch/Documents