forms import

Posted by: Chris Cannon

forms import - 06/28/05 06:51 PM

I have 4 forms from another location but they are .PTK. Is there a way to bring them into PlanetPress without using PlanetPress watch.

I.E. my customer only has PlanetPress Version 4 without PP Watch. But the forms are identical and would save me alot of time to import those forms into PP4 and the customer money from buying Watch too.
Posted by: cosimo

Re: forms import - 06/30/05 11:24 AM


I am not sure of your question but if I understand correctly you would like to restore the PTK back to a PP4 PlanetPress document?
Unfortunately, that is not possible with PlanetPress, you cannot restore a PTK back to a PP4 file.

Team OL