Error printing on local network port via watch

Posted by: eboucher

Error printing on local network port via watch - 04/21/04 01:48 PM

Windows 2000

Cant print (error) on a printer with a local network port.

To reproduce the problem:

Add a new local printer, create a new local port, put your shared printer path there ie: \\printserver\printersharename, choose your printer driver or get it from a driver disk, give any name, dont need to share, do the test page (so you make sure it is working, you're done.

Now, in PlanetWatch config, create a "Windows printer queue" with the newly added printer, right click on it and chose "Print PS test page" to make sure it is working from PlanetWatch Config, create a new watch that monitor a directory, send the data from that directory to the new configured printer, send the new configuration, test the watch by putting some data/txt/PS file in the directory, Voila! Printer folder error!

If you do the same with a "Standar TCP/IP port" instead of a "Local port", it will work.

Keep in mind that ALL other software works OK with that configuration (Local port), even the "PS test page" from "PlanetWatch Configuration".

Any clue?

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Error printing on local network port via watch - 04/21/04 03:45 PM


Sadly, I am unable to reproduce your problem. Here is what I have done:

  • I have created a local port printer looking at a shared printer from my coworker PC
  • I sent the status page from Windows
  • I sent a status page from PlanetPress Watch
  • I sent a regular job from PlanetPress Watch

They all worked fine.

I suggest that you check the login of your PlanetPress Watch service to ensure that the user used have the right to that printer.

To do so, please go to Tools-> Configure services.

Hope that helps,