Gridline Pain

Posted by: Crystal

Gridline Pain - 06/22/04 11:51 AM

I use the gridlines quite a bit to set up documents... I'm noticing that they are touchy to remove - and I frequently find that instead of removing the one I intended to remove, I have in fact just created a new one!?

Also, often the blue arrow isn't in alignment with the gridline on the page which it is suppose to be aligned with (which is confusing!)

Finally, when I set up on an 11x17 in landscape mode - the gridline doesn't stretch the entire width of the page??
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Re: Gridline Pain - 06/22/04 06:59 PM


I will pass your comments to our Product manager and R&D team.

Point 3 is a known bug in the software.
Posted by: Crystal

Re: Gridline Pain - 06/23/04 08:57 AM

Alright, thank you.
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Re: Gridline Pain - 06/23/04 09:00 AM


I looked over the points that you mentioned above again and I am wondering what version of PlanetPress 4 are you using?

I dropped guidelines on my page and then dropped a box to see if the line was lined up with the blue arrow and they always are.
Posted by: Crystal

Re: Gridline Pain - 06/23/04 10:28 AM

I am using Version actually I just updated yesterday, and haven't worked with PlanetPress since.

I just checked it myself, and admittedly I can't get it to repeat now either. I'll let you know if that changes.
Posted by: Crystal

Re: Gridline Pain - 06/23/04 03:46 PM

I was just working on another PlanetPress Document and had it happen again where the gridline didn't line up with the blue arrow. Unfortunately, when I close and reopen the document the gridline and arrow were lined up again - so I can't send the file to show you...

I can say that it happened shortly after I readjusted the gridline by double clicking on it and entering the value in the dialog box.