Out of Memory Error

Posted by: Ken Stulce

Out of Memory Error - 09/10/04 03:42 PM

Hello OL,

I doubt if you can produce this error without having the large config file that I'm working with, but what is happening is whenever I try to save or send config, Watch give me an error box that says that I need to select the server for Image. Once I select the server and try to send or save the config, it will give me the same error. Unfortunately, when I get through about half of the processes, I will get an Out of Memory error and cannot save or send the config. I eventually have to close the configurator and start from scratch. There is well over 50 processes in the config. I'm hoping that if I make the ones that are not in use "Inactive" I will be able to get through the processes to be able to save.

This config is actually a conversion from v3 to v4.

I have some screen shot from a few months ago that I had sent to Jason Baxter of this same problem when we had originally began the conversion. If need be, I can send the screen shots.


Ken Stulce
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Out of Memory Error - 09/10/04 04:02 PM


Use the report an issue button on the top left of the page and send us the version 3 config. We will convert it and see what happens.

Also, I will need the machine specs and your version of PlanetPress Watch.
Posted by: Ken Stulce

Re: Out of Memory Error - 09/10/04 04:23 PM


I tried the report an issue link, but after filling out the information I get this message: "It is impossible for us to process your issue at this moment. You are therefore invited to call (514) 875-5863 x651 to rectify the situation. Thank you for using our Technical Services!"

I called and received Sarah Kakebeeke's voicemail. Is there another way that I can send you the config? I actually have the v3 config converted to v4 (all of the processes are there), but need to get it to a point where I can save or send the configuration.

The server running v4 is a Windows 2003 server with 2GB of RAM (Yes, 2GB, because of this problem on a couple of months ago), 3.06 GHZ HP Server Proliant ML350 and 2 72.8GB SCSI HOT Swap HDs. It's a very robust system, designed especially for the upgrade to v4.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the v4 software, as per another post. I'm at the most current version of the software. Watch is v4.0.43.1512.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Out of Memory Error - 09/10/04 04:25 PM


If you are getting that message than your the serial number you are using is not valid for support services. Please try contacting Sarah again as we can not receive e-mails directly.
Posted by: Ken Stulce

Re: Out of Memory Error - 09/10/04 04:41 PM


OK, everything taken care of now. Talk to Sarah and she straightened it out for me. I will upload the files momentarily.