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Posted by: stuartg

Watch search & replace - 10/06/04 09:47 AM

I have a watch process where I am trying to remove trailing blank lines on a page.
I should be able to do this by a search and replace.
Search for "\r\012\r\012\f", replace by "\r\012\f".
If I run this repeatedly, I should get just one line feed / carriage return before each form feed.

However, I find that the search & replace will find some occurances of the the search string but not all of them. I haven't found a work around yet.

I have a sample config and data if you need them.
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Re: Watch search & replace - 10/06/04 02:31 PM


please report an issue by calling 514-798-8714 or via the web thru this link

and then please upload your files using this link

Team OL
Posted by: stuartg

Re: Watch search & replace - 10/18/04 07:18 AM

For information.
The Watch search and replace does not seem capable of consistently finding strings of the form .
So I have abandoned using the search and replace tool for this and instead written a VB script. By using a regular expression object I can do a sophisticated replace in 5 lines of code.
The main restriction I have is that the data files must be small enough to read into a VBstring.
Hope this is useful to anyone having similar problems.