Copying Objects...

Posted by: Steve Oswald

Copying Objects... - 05/12/06 02:13 PM


I have a customer with a form that has numerous conditions built, and numerous conditional object groups driven by those conditions.

When a new book is added to their application, they need to create a new condition for that book, and copy an existing group of objects and apply the new condition to that new group.

When they select a group, copy it and paste it into the form, it is not in the same position as the original opbject or group!!. Why is this?

It creates numerous headaches and problems, as some of the objects are part of a table repeat, so this throws off the geometry of the repeat, as well as totally destroying the similarity of the various versions of the form. One is no longer like another, since objects are not in the exact same position.

I have set up TONS of snapping guides, but this is only a stop-gap measure.

Thanks for any feedback.

Steve Oswald

P.S. They have PP5, so if this is something that is corrected in version 5, they would be more willing to go through the conversion of their other applications to get 5 up and running....