Data Selection from CSV

Posted by: Kevin Fay

Data Selection from CSV - 12/07/09 05:50 PM

When I was at training 2 years ago we went over mainly line data, but I have a CSV file.

The data needs to be separated by sales rep > customer name > item. Each sales rep has multiple customers and each customer has multiple items.

Each customer is on its own sheet(s) of paper, containing each one of their items on its own line (spreadsheet type of view). I can get a single record to show up on a sheet, but not get it to loop through.

I have a PressTalk on a non-ejecting page

if(&customer1 = trim(@(3,1,75)))
    for(&a, 1, 1, 100)
       &output1:=&customer1 + '     ' + trim(@(6,1,75)) + '     ' + trim(@(7,1,75))

and then on my output page I have:
Am I in the right direction and just missing something, or am I in left field?
Posted by: Kevin Fay

Re: Data Selection from CSV - 12/07/09 05:51 PM

I meant to post this in PlanetPress 6 Design.