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Posted by: Lou Burgoyne

Image orientation - 05/24/06 06:33 PM

I have a document that I am creating an image from. The document is designed to be landscape. The image is portrait. If the image were to be printed, it would be correct, but my customer wants to view the images from AX5. Is there any way to change the orientation of the image that is created?


Lou Burgoyne
IKON Office Solutions
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Image orientation - 05/25/06 09:11 AM


If you are creating a PDF under PImage you could set the PDF "Auto-rotate".

This set-up is under the tab "PDF" top left under "General".
Posted by: Lou Burgoyne

Re: Image orientation - 05/26/06 04:26 PM

Is there no comparable functionality for a TIF output?
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Image orientation - 05/26/06 05:10 PM

Check out my post in this thread, it helps explains the TIF landsacpe issue.;f=50;t=000008#000000