OnBase Integration

Posted by: Michael S. Thomas

OnBase Integration - 09/28/06 08:54 AM

Is there any known process to simplify or streamline integration Of PlanetPress 5.x suite with OnBase Document Management. The account is wanting to Import (DIP) the Invoices they run from Watch/Image into OnBase. The PDI and XML indexes created from Image do not appear useable as per our OnBase Technician. The account has Design Tool, Watch, Image, and Search. Thank You, Mike
Posted by: cosimo

Re: OnBase Integration - 09/28/06 10:17 AM


We are not too familiar with OnBase Document Management, however after consulting our Projects Team Leader, this solution would require a custom program using VBS.

Posted by: Michael S. Thomas

Re: OnBase Integration - 09/28/06 01:53 PM

This program would be used to do what?
Posted by: BJ Lillo

Re: OnBase Integration - 11/08/06 12:05 PM

What format does the data need to be in in order for OnBase to do the import? CSV?