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Posted by: kristam

Error Message - 04/24/07 06:28 PM

I am receiving the following error message when trying to create a PDF through Watch:

INFO : Processing file C:\Program Files\PlanetPress Suite 5\PlanetPress Image\In\
DEBUG: Reading job options from input file
DEBUG: Watch Process Name : SamplePDF
INFO : Starting conversion...
INFO : Initializing Jaws
INFO : To: TRCH_TRANSCHA_16270_3.pdf
INFO : Ripping File...
INFO : Conversion successful
ERROR: I1013 : No pages defined in the pdi file, moving files to error directory
ERROR: I1005 : Error while processing input directory; moving file to error folder:

I am able to preview documents, but not create them using Watch. Can anyone help?
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Error Message - 04/25/07 08:12 AM

Hello / Bonjour !

May I ask you for the path of your data file ?
I'm assuming here that you have a "Folder capture" as the input.

What about the profile you are using under: Tools -> Configure Services ?
Posted by: cosimo

Re: Error Message - 04/25/07 08:18 AM


Make sure that you are able to create a PDF within PlanetPress using the same data sample used in Watch. I that works then, resend your document to Watch and try again.
Also verify your "Job options" under the PDF tab in the Image output. Make sure it is set to Print or screen.

Here is a possibility of what your problem could be.

I1013 : No pages defined in the pdi file, moving files to error directory

Problem: No pages were defined in the PDI, so no PDF could be created.
Cause: No pages were present in the PDI possibly because the data was invalid, or conditions
in the form did not create any achievable pages.
Resolution: Make sure the document and data provided can create at least a one page output.

Hope this helps
Posted by: kristam

Re: Error Message - 04/25/07 09:36 AM

I ran the same data through another Planet Press form and it generated fine so I have concluded that it is not the data causing the problem. What in the form could cause the PDF not to generate in Watch?
Posted by: kristam

Re: Error Message - 04/25/07 10:09 AM

I also deleted all pages except the very first one and could not generate PDF output using Watch at all.
Posted by: cosimo

Re: Error Message - 04/26/07 10:59 AM


Please "Report an Issue" and upload your files and someone will be glad to assist you.