Archiving PDF and PDI's on the network

Posted by: HANES

Archiving PDF and PDI's on the network - 07/27/07 12:01 PM

I'm trying to Archive PDF and PDI's files over our network onto our document imaging server. Everything seems to be working correctly. I can copy files to the server so I think the priviledges are correct. There is no error on the Service Console but the files are not showing up on the document imaging server. I have tried mapping a drive and setting the path in the achrive field within image. The files seem to be disappearing.
Posted by: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Re: Archiving PDF and PDI's on the network - 07/27/07 12:57 PM


If you are outputting to a shared network drive, two things you can check:

1. In Watch, are you logged with a user that has full admin rights? If you see a little guy at the bottom right of the screen, this means you're not. To fix that, go to Tools->Configure Services, uncheck "Local system account", and then enter the proper domain name, username and password. The user must have full admin rights, and you also have to be logged as this user in your Windows session. If you do this correctly, the little guy should disappear.

2. Are you using UNC path format? It's possible that if you just use the drive's letter, it will not work. If you go to Tools->User Options->Network, you can check an option called "Expand folder paths in UNC". Check it, then reenter the path to your share drive in the Image output, and it will be converted to the UNC path format.

Hope this helps.

Posted by: HANES

Re: Archiving PDF and PDI's on the network - 07/30/07 09:33 AM


Number 1 was the winner.


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Re: Archiving PDF and PDI's on the network - 08/29/07 10:20 AM

Hi, I have a similar problem to Hanes, I have a process in Watch that uses Image to create a PDF, I want to put this PDF on a different machine on our network. When the process runs the log says that "Destination folder could not be reached or created" I have checked the permissions on the drive in question and my Watch user has full control to the folders.
Also if I create the PDF on my local machine I can use a Watch process to move the PDF from the local machine to the network machine. Does Image need different permissions to create a PDF than Watch does to move one?