Strangeness with the PT0LP= calls

Posted by: JediToby

Strangeness with the PT0LP= calls - 07/03/06 02:17 PM

I have no idea what the PT0LP="(floating point value)" is supposed to be or do, but I found today that a form I was modifying seems to have filled that floating point value with "INF," causing Planet Press to crash the next time it opened the document.

I was able to isolate this using Notepad and, with the help of a previous version of the form, fill in what appears to be appropriate numbers. Still, this would appear to be a bug--is there something I did wrong or a way to avoid this in the future?
Posted by: JediToby

Re: Strangeness with the PT0LP= calls - 08/15/06 04:19 PM

Just a follow-up on this. This same form has been working fine for the last month, but now I'm running into this error again. I went to the backup copy and tried to save the backup, but when I open the newly-saved file up, I get this error again: "INF is not a valid floating-point value."

This is a crucial form for a daily customer; is there a simple solution for this, or should I submit it as an issue?