Printing Records

Posted by: twoodward

Printing Records - 06/11/07 11:20 AM

I am printing a 292 record document. If I print it 20 records at a time it is beautiful. If I print all records I get ,, instead of the databse info. What can I do to fix this?
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Printing Records - 06/29/07 08:16 AM

Can you provide some more information? Like what type of database, is it through an ODBC connector, is the database on a network drive?

If possible, it would be very welcome if you can attach a sample job/data/statics/images.
Posted by: twoodward

Re: Printing Records - 06/29/07 10:15 AM

the database is a csv the project is just placing address info on a postcard.