reusing RIP'ed images

Posted by: benp101

reusing RIP'ed images - 10/05/07 07:25 PM


I have a variable job of 100 records. Three images are associated with the 100 records. (For example, 70 records may use image A, 20 records use image B, and 10 records use image C.)

These images get re-RIP'ed everytime for each record. It seems to me they should only be RIP'ed once each. That is, once image A is RIP'ed for record 1, it should not be RIP'ed again for the next record it shows up in.

I'm I stuck, or is there a way to reuse the RIP'ed images??

Posted by: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Re: reusing RIP'ed images - 10/15/07 10:33 AM

To reuse a RIP'ed image, you need to have a RIP that has some caching technology, such as Fiery FreeForm, or Creo VPS. Verify if your RIP has such capability, and if so, then in PSM, go to Edit->Preferences, and under technology, choose the proper caching technology.

If you do not have a RIP that allows caching however, the images will be reprocessed on every pages. If that's the case, you might want to try regenerating your images to make them smaller and faster to process. Things like reducing the unused color depth(an image might only use black and white, but if it's saved as a color image, it will be processed as such), image size or, if it's pdf or eps, maybe generate with a different program, lower version, or anything that would reduce their complexity and improve ripping time.

Hope this helps.

Posted by: benp101

Re: reusing RIP'ed images - 10/16/07 02:41 PM

Thank you! That makes great sense.