Two sided printing won't back up.

Posted by: Bob

Two sided printing won't back up. - 09/28/11 06:44 PM

I have a 4x5 piece that I am using Repetition to impose 4 up on a 12x18 sheet. It prints out as 4up, but it doesn't back up correctly. Position one is backed up with position 4, 3 is backed up with 2, etc. I'm sending from a Mac using v. 5.4. Any help would be appreciated!
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Two sided printing won't back up. - 09/29/11 12:13 PM

Hi Bob,

There are two ways to fix this issue.

You can either pad your data so it has a total number of records that is divisible by 4.

You can also go into the Repetition options and on the bottom where it says Duplex mode - Try to change it to Flip on Long Edge.

Let us know if that fixes the issue for you.