Print Shop Mail stopped responding...

Posted by: pbdwest

Print Shop Mail stopped responding... - 06/25/14 09:50 AM

Hello. I recently started receiving "Print Shop Mail stopped responding" message every time I close the program. All the program functions appear to be working properly. Only problem I notice is that printing projects are now painfully slow. I tried to repair the installation but the message still comes up. Running on Windows 7, Print Shop Mail version 6.0.2. My apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere and thanks in advance for your help.
Posted by: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Re: Print Shop Mail stopped responding... - 07/08/14 04:27 PM

Hi pbdwest,

Looks like no one answered your post while I was gone on vacation, so I'm not sure if you already ressolved this issue or not.

If not, then I suggest that you verify a few things:
- Try using an account with full admin rights, or run the program as administrator, and see if it makes a difference.
- Make sure no third-party programs could be interfering with the software, such as anti-virus. If you have an anti-virus, try adding PrintShop Mail's directory in the AV's list of exceptions, to make sure it doesn't try to interfere with the program's execution.
- Try reinstalling(not just repairing, but completely uninstalling, deleting the remaining files and folders, then reinstalling from scratch), and see if that helps.

If nothing helps, however, I would suggest considering upgrading to PrintShop Mail 7. In fact, both 6 and 7 can coexist, so you can try installing PSM7 and see if the problem is solved, and then upgrade if that fixes it. Since PSM6 came out before Windows 7, it's now very old, and there's no guarantee that there aren't some incompatibilities with Windows 7(especially if you have 64-bits Windows 7) that could be at the root of this issue.

Raphaƫl Lalonde Lefebvre