PSM Request - Display Record Number

Posted by: sellis

PSM Request - Display Record Number - 07/11/08 09:02 AM


I have a setup that will only print the document when an object (text Box) is populated using the layout edit condition expression; IF(OBJECT_EMPTY("Text 3")=True,Skip,Print). Could PSM, when verifying the document, show to screen the record number that populates
Posted by: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Re: PSM Request - Display Record Number - 07/11/08 09:15 AM


PSM won't return record numbers upon document's verification. It only check for errors, and if the document can compile properly.

That said, there is a RECORD_NR() function that you can use to return the record's number. So one thing you could do is create a new document with a single layout, and give it a condition to only print if your "Text 3" field has something in it. Then, on that layout, you place a text box with a variable that calls the "RECORD_NR()" function. You can then print this document, and that will give you a list of all records where Text3 has something in it.

Posted by: sellis

Re: PSM Request - Display Record Number - 07/11/08 09:47 AM

Hi Raphael,

"PSM won't return record numbers upon document's verification." - That's correct. I was wondering whether it could as a request. PSM, once it has calculated and preflighted the document, knows what records to print. Could the record(s) be returned somwhere when verifying the document?

An extra setup using "RECORD_NR()" showing the records to print is ok if you only have one document to search for populated fields. However I have 32 PSM files to search through, so haveing PSM return the record number would be ideal in this instance.

Posted by: Sander vd Berg

Re: PSM Request - Display Record Number - 07/12/08 06:48 AM

As a workaround, try adding an empty image object to your layout. Move it outside the layout area, and set its Snap Frame to Content property to Yes. When you verify your document, a warning will be generated for each record for which the layout will be printed.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: PSM Request - Display Record Number - 07/15/08 05:18 AM

If each record has the same number of layouts that are printed, you could use this:

- variable with expression PAGE_COUNT()
- Press the print preview button

If there are multiple layouts, divide the returned number by the number of layouts to know the amount of records that are printed.