Address Formatting

Posted by: DJBUZZ

Address Formatting - 01/15/10 04:52 AM

Hello everyone

I having an issue with the address formatting within a document,

I have a large box that is the same size as the window in my envelope that contains the following variables:

@Title@ @First name@ @Surname@
@Address 1@
@Address 2@
@Address 3@
@Post / zip code@

However if any of the variables cells are empty it keeps the line, so I end up with an address that looks like this:

Mr Test Person
15 Test Road

SE12 8TY

Basically is there a way of getting rid of the space automatically?
Many thanks
Posted by: Benoit Potvin

Re: Address Formatting - 01/15/10 09:49 AM


The text object has a property called 'Remove Empty Lines' especially for dealing with such cases.

You can try setting its value to 'Yes', or 'Only in Variables'.

Hope this helps!

Posted by: DJBUZZ

Re: Address Formatting - 01/15/10 10:42 AM

Hi Benoit

That worked a treat, so simple when you know where to look.....