Inserting Blank Pages into PSM 6.0

Posted by: DPI Duplicating

Inserting Blank Pages into PSM 6.0 - 07/19/07 08:25 PM

How do you insert a blank page into a document without the text dissapearing as well. In previous versions you could just simply insert a Blank page PDF - in 6.0 doing this blanks confused out everything included the text you want to stay there.

Any ideas - I am new to this version...
Posted by: cosimo

Re: Inserting Blank Pages into PSM 6.0 - 07/20/07 02:29 PM

This issue has been resolved internally.

Simply using the PDF as a background guide to design his form and he wants to remove it once the design is done since there is pre-printed paper on the printer.

Resolution is simply to delete the pdf. One way is to select the PDF from the Layouts list and press delete.