Multiple Variations - Multiple page pdfs

Posted by: Sandy

Multiple Variations - Multiple page pdfs - 02/10/09 02:53 PM

I have four different mailers of choice two sided and two different set-ups with variable data on them, and the front and back of each mailer must match up accordingly. Can this be done in printshop mail. Can a two page pdf somehow be inserted?
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Multiple Variations - Multiple page pdfs - 02/11/09 02:49 AM

Hi Sandy,

Yes, there are several options to do this, depending on what is the easiest for you.

1. You can do page picking on the PDF (like variable images). Place one PDF as static, go to expression builder and change the expression to something like IF( = "John", "MyFist.pdf", "the other PDF.pdf")

2. This can be done through conditional layout (if location of the variables differ, this one is easier). Place all used PDF's in the document on different pages (easiest is through place static PDF, then there are layouts added for all the PDF files). Use a Layout expression on each layout like IF( = "John", PRINT", SKIP)

In the preferences you need to set the duplex option if you have a multi-up job (more records on one physical page) to match the variable data on the front and backside.