formatting text inside a variable

Posted by: P. Brittle

formatting text inside a variable - 08/31/09 03:32 PM

I'm have several variables that are complete sentences. The customer wants to bold certain parts within the text. Are there control characters that can be put in the data that will cause PSM to bold parts of the variable. Below is an example of what I am trying to accomplish.

Record 1: You can get more info by visiting
Record 2: Visit for more information.
Record 3: Check out for loads of information.

We are using excel files for our datasource.

Thanks in advance.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: formatting text inside a variable - 08/31/09 03:53 PM

Create 3 variables:
@before@ @bold@ @after@

All 3 are filled using (probably the same) IF statements.

Even if the complete text is in the field, you have a way to determine when you want which variable contain (what) text. Based upon that, the IF statements fill the three variables (3rd can be empty in record 1 example).

In short: the trick is to divide into multiple variables.