Spot Colours

Posted by: JT

Spot Colours - 10/29/09 06:05 AM

Hi, I have a PDF with a Pantone spot colour and when I try to match the variable text to it I get a different result.
The PDF has Reflex Blue U, alternate colour CMYK 100,72.9,0,2
when I try to set this in PSM it outputs a different spot; Reflex Blue U, alternate colour LAB 100,6,-13.

Where am I going wrong? I just want the variable text to match the spot on the PDF.

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Spot Colours - 10/30/09 09:39 AM


When you say it outputs a different spot, do you mean on the printer or on the screen? PSM, when it sends it to the printer, will generally call the spot by name, and if it's not available it will use the alternate color (which may be different).

Hope this helps,
Posted by: JT

Re: Spot Colours - 11/02/09 09:33 AM

Ok, I have had another look at this - it's on screen.

When setting up the new spot colour I chose the alternate colour space CMYK values to match the PDF,
but it is outputting Lab and looks different on screen...

which although isn't a problem for printing, is when softproofing in PSW.