FieryFreeForm2 -color change from pdf

Posted by: MelindaBozak

FieryFreeForm2 -color change from pdf - 01/29/10 12:05 PM

We recently purchased a METEOR DP60 printer. This uses the Fiery technology.When sending the file the color changes significantly from the original pdf. Would this be attributed to a pdf setting or the host driver. Some special printer settings have been programmed into the printer as default settings. Shouldn't the 'Printer's Default' setting be sufficient?
Also, I don't completely understand the Variable | Master | Variable and Master selection. Either way, they show up as separate files. But then we couldn't print when both were not present. So what would be the point of sending them individually?

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Posted by: Sander vd Berg

Re: FieryFreeForm2 -color change from pdf - 02/01/10 04:37 AM


Does the printer take care of all color management? In other words, is CM disabled in both PSM and the driver? Does it happen with a particular pdf or with all pdfs?

I think it would be useful if you could try printing from PSM 7.0, just for testing purposes to determine if this is related to something we've fixed in version 7.

The RIP will store the master data until it is overwritten. You might want to send the master data once, and different variable data jobs later. The master data might even be designed and maintained by someone else (with a standard format for the corporate logo, for example).

Posted by: Sander vd Berg

Re: FieryFreeForm2 -color change from pdf - 02/03/10 03:32 AM

What happens when you print that pdf directly from Acrobat - i.e. without using PSM at all?