Barcode 128 font/coding

Posted by: S. Brown

Barcode 128 font/coding - 02/08/10 01:34 PM

I am attempting to insert a barcode 128 into my PrintShop6 document, but all I get is jiberish. I have tried all the Code 128s and get a few lines and boxes. It is reading number 002969425 as strange characters if my expression reads CODE128("002969425").

If I do not have this coding and just use the Code 128C font for the number, it cannot be read by the barcode reader.
Posted by: Sander vd Berg

Re: Barcode 128 font/coding - 02/09/10 03:23 AM

What is the name of your font, exactly?

I tried your expression, it looks fine in combination with PSMC128P12DhTt. I see no boxes. I assume you're using a different font?

Instead of the CODE128 function you might want to consider using the Barcode plugin, which doesn't use any fonts but generates images instead. The plugin requires PSM 6.1 or higher.
Posted by: S. Brown

Re: Barcode 128 font/coding - 02/09/10 07:20 AM

I have used several fonts Code128C and IDAutomation fonts, none of them work. I do not find the PSMC fonts. Where do I get them from? They did not install when we upgraded to 6.1.

The expression I sent was just a sample. This will be a variable field. Would the Barcode plugin work for variable fields and where would I find this plugin?
Posted by: Sander vd Berg

Re: Barcode 128 font/coding - 02/09/10 07:38 AM

The PSMC128 fonts are on the installation CD, but I assume you don't have one. I'll send you a PM with a download link, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it on a public forum.

The Barcode plugin works for variable fields. You can get version 2.0.2 here:

I should mention that 2.0.2 is not the latest version, you can the latest version by installing PSM Suite 7 - but that's not really necessary.