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Posted by: PRINTROOM

Next record - N-up - 02/10/12 04:21 AM

Hi all

I have a A5 card that I’ve imposed 4 up for A3 printing, I need to merge a unique number onto each A5 card, however when I drag in the variable data source 4 times, every variable box only shows record one.

I essentially need the “next record” function for Microsoft word but can find its equivalent anywhere?

Many thanks,
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Next record - N-up - 02/10/12 02:32 PM

Hi Barry,

You only have to create 1 card, not all 4! Once you have created your 1 card, you set the N-Up options and you let PrintShopMail do all the work!

To do so,
- go in Preferences (by clicking on Edit menu)
- click on Repetition
- Set your N-Up options there.

Hope this helps.