Can't connect TXT file

Posted by: MrCizor

Can't connect TXT file - 04/10/13 11:15 PM

I just have turn to windows seven and reinstall PSM 6.
My problem is I cannot connect textfile (*.txt) as database on PSM.

All my textfiles are formatted like that :


PrintShop mail doesn't recognize fieldnames, it recongnize only one field : Field1;Fiel2;Field3;Field4
like it doesn't understand separators

Do you have an solution to this probleme ?

Thank you
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Can't connect TXT file - 04/11/13 12:04 AM

PrintShop Mail 6 is not supported on Windows 7.

Please look to upgrade to the latest, v7.2.1 for use with this OS. Valid OLCare is required to upgrade.

The following link will get you started:
Posted by: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Re: Can't connect TXT file - 04/11/13 09:32 AM


I did the test, and I confirm that the problem is due to PSM6 having compatibility issues with Windows 7. PSM6 on Windows 7 gives me the same problem as yours, while PSM7 gives me the dialog box to choose my separator, and once I select the semicolon, it works fine.

Raphaƫl Lalonde Lefebvre