upc/ean code 128

Posted by: bschwall

upc/ean code 128 - 04/15/08 04:12 PM

I am trying to print a UPC/EAN code 128 barcode for a Parcel mailing. But when the post office scans the barcode they tell me it's missing the function code. "FNC01". Anyone know how to do this. I tried use the code128 function but the postal still has problems scanning it.
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Re: upc/ean code 128 - 04/17/08 11:07 AM

Below is all I could find on a FNC01. Not sure how to add the special character in PrintShop. But, maybe this will help someone help you out. Good luck!

UCC/EAN/GS1-128 bar codes always contain a special non-data character known as function 1 (FNC 1), which follows the start character of the bar code. It enables scanners and processing software to auto-discriminate between UCC/EAN/GS1-128 and other bar code symbologies, and subsequently only process relevant data.

The UCC/EAN-128 specification uses the same code set as Code 128, however a special character (function 1) is used as part of the start code in the symbol. In addition, UCC/EAN-128 symbols utilize standardized application identifiers (AI
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Re: upc/ean code 128 - 04/17/08 03:55 PM

Hi bschwall,

From your post I understand that you are able to print the barcode, that the postmaster is able to read it with a barcode scanner, but he gets the wrong information.

You will find the encoding table for code 128 barcode here : http://www.bizfonts.com/code128fonts/faq.html

Of course you may find it elsewhere on the Internet. From the encoding table, you'll find that the code to add the FNC1 is 0202 (ASCII), 00CA (Unicode),