Auto import PDF and PDF overlay ?'s

Posted by: Brian Miller

Auto import PDF and PDF overlay ?'s - 06/30/08 06:06 PM

Hi. PSM v.6.1
Is there a function to import PDF's with a variable call like you can with text files?
Secondly, I have a customer ID number that needs to print at the bottom of all the pages. So I create blank layouts and put the ID number on them and save that as a template. When I import a PDF onto the layouts, it imports in front of the ID number, so I have to do a "send to back" on all the PDF pages before printing. This is ok when importing manually, but if I can get the PDF to import off a variable, this will not work.
Posted by: Douglas

Re: Auto import PDF and PDF overlay ?'s - 06/30/08 08:21 PM

No, there are no functions for calling PDF files in a text variable.

PDF files can by triggered in Image boxes though. This is new to 6.1.

Go to the website > Downloads > Resource Center > Quick Reference Guides & select the "How to setup Variable Image" document. Or you can contact & they can help you.

"Send back" should not back a problem with an Image Box.
Posted by: Brian Miller

Re: Auto import PDF and PDF overlay ?'s - 07/01/08 01:34 PM

Sweet! I did notice that while you can click on the variable to add the file and it will see a pdf, if you click on the "Choose File" button you only get image options, no pdf. That was probably where I was getting confused.

Posted by: Sander vd Berg

Re: Auto import PDF and PDF overlay ?'s - 07/08/08 06:51 AM

The fact that the "Filename" button in the Edit Expression dialog does not allow you to select pdf files in 6.1 is an oversight, thanks for pointing that out.