Filename when using automated printing

Posted by: Lasse Lehtinen

Filename when using automated printing - 12/02/08 10:25 AM

We managed to get the automated printing working through a script. The only problem is that we dont print directly to a printer but to a file instead. The system will present a normal prompt for the filename. We would like to print it automatically to a given filename without any user intervention. I havent found anything in the documentation that refers to this.

Perhaps DDE is the only way to go? I think this feature would be so nice to have out of the box.
Posted by: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Re: Filename when using automated printing - 12/03/08 10:43 AM


There is no commands in extended scripting to print to a file. The thing is that the automated printing scripts simply sends the job to the printer queue. After that, it's up to the printer queue to handle the job. Since printing to a file is done on the printer queue's level, and not on the scripting level, automated scripts have no control on it, and thus cannot affect the behavior of displaying a box asking for a file name.

Posted by: Lasse Lehtinen

Re: Filename when using automated printing - 12/05/08 08:04 AM

Actually we found a to get around this. You can specify that the printer always print to a certain file. So you create a PS-printer with a custom port. Then you just give it something like "C:\Temp\Output.prn"
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Filename when using automated printing - 12/08/08 03:44 AM

If you want a lot of extra functionality, including output to postscript, PDF, JPG etc, I can recommend trying the integration of PrintShop Mail into PlanetPress Watch.