Expression with multiple .eps images

Posted by: DShank

Expression with multiple .eps images - 10/07/09 09:04 AM

I have a "bank" mailing that requires that I use up to 350 variable bank logo images. Is there a way around using the IF Then statement to pull these images. There is another software package that allows me to use 'If ([Logofilename]=[Logofilename],[Logofilename].eps). This allows us to print a different Logo with each record without making an expression using 350 different condition statements.
Posted by: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Re: Expression with multiple .eps images - 10/07/09 09:14 AM


If you want a different image on every records based on the value of a field, I don't see why you need a condition. You can simply use the field's value to pull the image. So in your image's expression, you could use:

If the field's value doesn't contain the file extension, then you can use this:
[Logofilename] & ".eps"

This will pull a different image every records, based on your database field.

Posted by: DShank

Re: Expression with multiple .eps images - 10/07/09 01:54 PM

Thanks so much. I know that seems easy but I have to learn all the aspects of the software.