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Posted by: JT

PDF output - 11/04/09 11:13 AM

Tricky one; a customer has asked for an individual PDF for each record of a 130+ database, is it possible to output these with each having a filename taken from one of the fields?

Posted by: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Re: PDF output - 11/04/09 02:12 PM


While you can split your job into one job per records, PSM, by itself, will have no control over the names of the pdf it produces.

In order to automate the process of splitting the jobs and generate uniquely named pdf files, you'd need another of our softwares, the PlanetPress Workflow software, that can connect to PSM documents. Using this software, it would be possible to make multiple jobs, merge them with the PSM form, and then produce a pdf with unique name. Setting it up has many things to take into consideration however, so it would be better to call your resellers, and ask them about PlanetPress, so they can give you more information about the product.

Posted by: JT

Re: PDF output - 11/05/09 04:57 AM

Ok, thanks.