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Posted by: mh25

approving orders - 10/23/08 03:15 PM

Is it possible to create a user who can approve orders for 11 companies? I know this can be done, but the only way I can think of is if the the logs on separately for all the 11 companies. Is it possible to log on one time and approve the orders for all the 11 companies and all the departments of the companies?
Posted by: P. Brittle

Re: approving orders - 10/27/08 09:49 AM

I assume you are trying to set this up for your customer. We had a similar issue and haven't found a way to get PSW to do it either. It would be real nice if PSW would allow for sub-departments and/or assigning multiple companies to one user.

confused One theory we had was to setup apache for virtual hosting. Then have multiple website folders. This THEORY would allow you to setup all 11 companies in one Website folder and give your customer a custom role that would allow them to see all companies. Otherwise, "See all companies" in the role setting shows the othere customers you have to them as well. We haven't tried this yet because we don't know how to do.

cool The other thought (we did this one) was to go into the "tblcompanypersonref" table in the MySQL database. Add a record for each company that refers to that user. This has worked for us so far and haven't found any problems with doing this yet. eek BE VEERRRY CAREFUL DOING THIS KIND OF THING! Manually changing the database can produce unwanted results in PSW. PSW recommends have an install on a separate machine that you can play with.
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Re: approving orders - 10/28/08 08:01 AM


Users can be assigned to multiple companies. The role assigned to this user should have the privilege to set the status of an order to Approved. This would allow the account to approve orders of multiple companies.

To assign a user to multiple companies:
1) Select Companies in the Menu bar
2) Select a company by clicking its name
3) Click Users in the side menu, the users overview of that company appears
4) Click the Assign button
5) Double click the name of the user in the Unassigned users list
6) Click Save

Repeat these steps for the respective companies.

Hope this helps

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Re: approving orders - 10/28/08 10:05 AM

:p And then there is a third thought - Ask Cosimo (the guru of all OL has to offer). If there is a way he knows it and it's usually safer than some programmer wannabe's suggestion. I still want to learn how to do virtual hosting in Apache. has a nice ring to it.
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Re: approving orders - 10/29/08 04:05 PM

Cosimo, thanks for your answer. I will try your solution.