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Posted by: airwin

Design License - 08/31/07 08:58 AM

I have to License for Design, one I want to keep for the Main unit that does all our PlanetPress functions (Our Server), but the second license I need to install on at least two work stations and two laptops. Can I do this now? Do I have to activate on each computer? These are just teh question I have.
Posted by: maria

Re: Design License - 08/31/07 11:54 AM


With Versin 6, PlanetPress Design and PlanetPress Search can now be installed on an unlimited amount of workstations using the same serial number. Each workstation does need to be activated. This can be done via our Web Activation Manager at

If you are using version 5, you will need to purchase additional licenses (one serial number per workstation). Please contact your Sales representative for additional information.

Posted by: airwin

Re: Design License - 08/31/07 12:02 PM

Thanks for teh info. I'm only planning to do this with version 6.
Posted by: rpoenaru

Re: Design License - 10/29/07 03:17 PM

The price for Planet Care remains the same regardless of the number of Design Tools installed?
Posted by: maria

Re: Design License - 10/30/07 11:11 AM

PlanetPress Design is now included.
OL Care renewal price is a percentage of the current value of all your PlanetPress Suite and Printer Licenses.