Uninstall Planet Press Suite 6

Posted by: beback61

Uninstall Planet Press Suite 6 - 10/30/07 08:43 AM

I attended training where via disk, I installed Planet Press 6 on my laptop. I have now received a Planet Press 5 license from my employer (that is what they are currently using). I am attempting to uninstall Planet Press 6 so that I can download/install Planet Press 5. I am going to the Control Panel- Add/Remove Programs and selecting to Remove Planet Press Suite 6. The first error message that comes up states .... is an invalid installation package for the product Planet Press Suite 6. Try to find "PlanetPress Suite 6.msi" I located that file and used as the source and this was the message I received "The installed product does not match the installation source(s). Until synchronized,this action can't be performed".

The only other pertinent piece of information is that the installation of Planet Press 6 was updated online when prompted that an update was available. Sorry this post is so long but I would appreciate hearing from anyone else that might have had this issue.
Posted by: beback61

Re: Uninstall Planet Press Suite 6 - 10/30/07 09:50 AM

After a little more research, I found a utility to help clean the Windows installer settings for the Planet Press 6 install and was able to now install Planet Press 5 and activate the license for it.

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Re: Uninstall Planet Press Suite 6 - 10/30/07 12:18 PM

A situation has been reported where PlanetPress could not be uninstalled using the standard procedure with