PressTalk Editor

Posted by: Uomo Del Ghiaccio

PressTalk Editor - 06/28/07 10:07 PM

Back in v3 there was a comment function. It would be nice to have the ability to comment multiple lines while writing/debugging a new macro.

Posted by: Philippe F.

Re: PressTalk Editor - 06/29/07 11:28 AM

Hi Uomo,

This feature is still available. When in the PlanetPress Talk Editor, press CTRL SHIFT / (control-shift-forward_slash) to comment all selected lines and CTRL SHIFT . (control-shift-period) to uncomment them.

Even though those shortcuts don't show up as menu options in the Editor, they are documented in the PlanetPress Design Reference guide.
Posted by: Uomo Del Ghiaccio

Re: PressTalk Editor - 06/29/07 11:45 AM


This is way cool!!! I'll read through the Reference Guide to see what else I missed.