Securing Outputs and Inputs

Posted by: MarkH

Securing Outputs and Inputs - 11/07/07 12:01 PM

Has any thought been given to adding sftp or scp as outputs to help 'secure' the ftp output? Or allowing SSL/TLS for mail connections?
Posted by: Philippe F.

Re: Securing Outputs and Inputs - 11/10/07 06:35 PM

Hi Mark,

Secure FTP is a problem: there are many so-called standards implemented out there, none seeming to be a clear-cut winner over the others.
But it's been requested a few times before, therefore we keep it on our own wish-list.

As far as emails are concerned, you can already send SSL emails if you configure Outlook correctly.
We'll take a look at adding SSL to POP3 mail.

Thanks for the suggestions!