Document Versioning

Posted by: Jobin.G

Document Versioning - 02/11/08 10:36 AM

Here is another complicated feature request wink

We need to be able to incorporate differents version of the same document among watch and the printers so we can print them on request.

The use of the standards major/minor revisions could be apreciated. Saving the document would increase the minor version automatically; thus eliminating the need for external version manipulation.

Thoses fields would need to be accessible from within watch.

Posted by: Philippe F.

Re: Document Versioning - 02/11/08 11:56 AM

That's another thing we're working on. The main issue with versioning is not so much storing and sorting the different versions. Rather, it's all a question of how the end user will be able to easily specify which specific version of a document should be output.

Once we've resolved those challenges, we'll be able to offer full document versioning in a future version.

Thanks for your suggestions!
Posted by: Jobin.G

Re: Document Versioning - 02/11/08 01:11 PM

Trigger on printer, Brown Dynamic Field in watch !

is'nt it that easy ?!? wink

We'll be waiting then...

Posted by: Philippe F.

Re: Document Versioning - 02/11/08 03:10 PM

The existing version info is for printer-resident documents, and is only used by PPWatch/PPServer in order to determine whether or not it should update the existing instance of the document on the printer, in case a newer version was sent to it.
It will not allow you to automatically select from different versions of the same document when you print it.