Service Console Filter

Posted by: Uomo Del Ghiaccio

Service Console Filter - 10/23/08 04:22 PM

It would be nice if the service console had a filter option where you could filter feedback to a specific process.

When testing a new process in a production server, I use Service Console to see what is happening, but often the feedback is to busy to capture what I'm looking for. If there was a filter to exclude feedback from other processes, this would eliminate the need to dig down to the log file to gather the information that I'm looking for.
Posted by: MarkH

Re: Service Console Filter - 10/24/08 01:24 PM

I like this idea! I frequently find my self clearing the console, running a test, then having to save the results to a file so I can parse it. Sometimes I end up going straight to the log files.
Posted by: Uomo Del Ghiaccio

Re: Service Console Filter - 03/25/09 03:38 PM

Another item that would be handy is a "pause control" that will let things continue to progress, but the feed in the service console pauses so you can read an item better. Then when it is released the feed continues.

One more item that would be nice is a search component to the service console. In combination with the "Pause Control" you would then search for a string within the current buffer.

If you could also select some text while it is paused and then direct the selected to a printer it would be handy.

If there was an export button that would copy the entire log off to a separate text file to a user destination it would make it simpler to explain how to collect the logs.
Posted by: Philippe F.

Re: Service Console Filter - 03/30/09 03:09 PM

All right, all right!!!
I'll enter these in our database and bump up the priority a bit, since our experts are so adamant about it! laugh