IBM MQ Series Input /Output

Posted by: Losman500

IBM MQ Series Input /Output - 12/17/08 09:42 AM

Our company has started using IBM MQ Series for data transfers. We use a IBM Mainframe system as our legacy system and we have built a IBM MQ Queue that will accept data transfer from other applications. Today we use FTP inputs from PP server to receive files sent from the mainframe, but we would like use in the future MQ transfers,
Posted by: Philippe F.

Re: IBM MQ Series Input /Output - 12/17/08 10:06 AM

PlanetPress Suite cannot currently act as a messaging client for MQSeries. But from what I understand, there are tools available for MQ that could be installed on the PlanetPress Server PC and that would poll the appropriate messaging queue and save the messages to a file, which could then be processed by PlanetPress Server. I am not sure, however, if those tools can be automated.
Have you looked into those options?