Input - Variable number of PDF pages per statement

Posted by: Bryce

Input - Variable number of PDF pages per statement - 03/30/19 01:19 PM

Currently, a customer sends a XML file for the creation of utility bills. The created statement will have 1 or more pages. If the statement has an odd number of pages, a blank page is inserted, otherwise no blank page. Multiple PDF files are created based on the number of pages needed for each statement.

Customer is now looking to create preformatted utility bills inhouse and prefers to send me a PDF file as the new process does not offer XML for me to work with. They might be willing to do special programming to provide an XML file.

So, how do I work with a PDF file where the name and address only appears on the first page of each statement and then the next input page may or may not be the start of the next statement? The client statement's use one master account number when there are any number of sub accounts. In other words, 1 statement contains 1 or more property meter readings and 1 or more pages. I have not seen a sample file yet, so I do not know if blank pages will be added to the file, where appropriate, or not.

I do have another utility billing customer who provides a PDF file to be use as input for processing. The difference here is that every single page has the name and address of the property owner. 1 single page statement = 1 property meter reading. There is no need to check to see if a blank page is needed or not.

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Re: Input - Variable number of PDF pages per statement - 04/02/19 11:07 AM

First, you will have to find something on the header page (with the name and address) that is there but doesn't not exist on other pages, or vice versa (something that doesn't exist on the header page but on the other ones). Once done, you will have a condition ready to pinpoint the header page.

Anything else?
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Re: Input - Variable number of PDF pages per statement - 04/10/19 01:57 PM

There will be......

Since I have not seen a sample pdf file yet, I am thinking how to handle the metadata. While each page will have metadata, I would only want to capture the metadate located on the header page, create a CSV file to be used by the addressing software and then "converted" back into metadata to be reapplied to the pdf file and keep everything in order. What I do know is that the number of metadata records originally created must equal the number of address modified and presorted metadata records used to update the original metadata and print the pdf documents in presort sequence. I am thinking that I need to use a condition to check if the single sheet utility bill is to be printed double sided or not. If not then a blank PDF page needs to be inserted to ensure two different utility bill customers are not printed on the same sheet of paper, one customer front and a different customer on the back.

Once I see how the pdf data file is structured, I'll be able to ask better and more specific questions.