Issues with Collate in Advanced Paper Handling

Posted by: KDWiley

Issues with Collate in Advanced Paper Handling - 04/03/19 11:16 AM

At the Page level, I've added an Advanced Paper Handling condition to Collate when Value A = 1. When I preview my sample data file in Design, I see that the Collate condition = True when Value A = 1, however, the documents are not collating.

Planetpress V.7.6.2
Xerox D110 printer
Posted by: Jean-C├ędric

Re: Issues with Collate in Advanced Paper Handling - 07/09/19 05:44 PM

When you select collate through you printer driver, it will generate the print job while re-arranging the pages to match your requirement.

When printing using a PlanetPress form, the order of the pages aren't handled by the printer but by the form itself. While using collate in the form, it will have either not effect at all or unpredicted/undesirable one. It will simply add the Postscript command at the page level, but will not tell PlanetPress to re-arrange the pages accordingly. When adding paper handling commands through the Advanced Paper Handling[b], it simply adds the proper Postscript command to the job.

In planetPress, you would need to use the [b]PressTalk
scripting language to either or both copy multiple time your output pages and re-arrange them like with collation.

I suggest you open a technical support ticket through our website.

This way, a technician will look at your form and help you figure out the best way to approach this.