XML File Structure - use as is or need a new one?

Posted by: Bryce

XML File Structure - use as is or need a new one? - 05/02/19 09:32 PM

Can a XML file that is currently used to create a statement format be used to create a different format when creating utility bills?

The format is header and footer information is grouped together in the beginning followed by the detail. The detail can contain one or more properties.
The file format is as follows:

Customer 1 Header/footer information
Customer 1's property 1 detail
Customer 2 Header/footer information
Customer 2's property 1 detail
Customer 2's property 2 detail
Customer 3 Header/footer information
Customer 3's property 1 detail
Customer 4........

The printed layout can be 1 or more pages long which depends on the number of properties. There is only one header and one summary, shown as follows:

Customer 1 header
Customer 1's property 1
Customer 1 summary
(Beginning of First New Page)
Customer 2 header
Customer 2's property 1
Customer 2's property 2
Customer 2 summary
(Beginning of First New Page)
Customer 3 header
The new printed format would be one page per property. So each page has a header and a summary, the file only provides one summary section.
Customer 1
(New Page)
Customer 2 Property 1
(New Page)
Customer 2 Property 2
(New Page)
Customer 3 Property 1
(New Page)
Customer 4 ......

So, somehow, when processing, I would need to:
Start with the header
Process the detail section for the property
Create the summary
Check to see if there is another detail section for the current customer.
If yes
Create new page
Go back and grab the header section
Process the detail section
Create the summary
If no
Create new page
Go to be beginning and process the next customer.



Posted by: Jean-C├ędric

Re: XML File Structure - use as is or need a new one? - 07/09/19 05:46 PM

To help you properly we would need to see the Form and data and reproduce the issue. I suggest you open a technical support call at 1-866-348-5863 or through our website.