Reduce barcode length.

Posted by: sanga

Reduce barcode length. - 07/15/19 03:47 AM

I'm new for PP. However we have modified the template with barcode Code 128.
Data: |010553812365000 170148879 5329479303 202800.

Output on barcode is quite lengthy. How can we reduce the length of the barcode image.

Thank you,
Posted by: dstauder

Re: Reduce barcode length. - 07/30/19 04:10 PM

If you are using Connect, you need to use that forum.

If you are using Planet Press 7, in the Barcode options property sheet select the Barcode Options and use the Bar Width (in mils.) to reduce the width. The height is in the Basic Attributes. You may set the height to what ever you would need it to be.

I hope this helps.