Switching Printer Trays

Posted by: Pat McIntyre

Switching Printer Trays - 08/19/20 06:23 PM


Is there a sample .PP7 file that demonstrates how to switch Printer Trays based on a Page by Page basis ? Or a step by step process (we've looked thru the Help files and don't see how to do it).

We want to print a Cover Page (1) on blank paper, a Check (2) on check stock, then any overflow pages (if any on pages 3 and on) on blank paper.

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Posted by: Jean-Cédric

Re: Switching Printer Trays - 08/20/20 09:05 AM

That kind of explanation would be too much to do here on this forum as you would probably need Presstalk to handle the overflow.

Basically, you cover page would be on its own form page, the check as well as would the overflow.

Both the check and the overflow form pages would use an overlay that would encompass all that is static.

Now each form page would be setup with its own tray call. That is something you setup in the Page setup->Paper handling or the Page setup->Advanced paper handling section.

You need to have the proper PPD, as to get the proper Postscript command.

I suggest you open a technical support ticket through our website. A technician will be able to guide you toward your goal.
Posted by: Jim Dornbos

Re: Switching Printer Trays - 09/17/20 11:59 AM

We've been using paper types as our method for selecting trays. Plain paper is specified for all drawers, except perf stock in one specific drawer. Then in design's page properties, under advanced paper handling, we have rules like:

Section: Paper Type, Selection Plain 1 (80-90 gsm), Condition: =&perf <>1

and a second rule

Section: Paper Type, Selection Recycled 2 (80-90 gsm), Condition: =&perf = 1

We set this rule on each page, changing the page number as needed. This does happen to be a document where we have 6 document pages defined and any one of the 6 might be on perfed stock.

We set the variable &perf when we read in the record so that it gets turned on for the correct page.
Posted by: Jean-Cédric

Re: Switching Printer Trays - 09/17/20 12:06 PM

So it is working?