PlanetPress with printer line (dot-matrix)

Posted by: Wladson Marques

PlanetPress with printer line (dot-matrix) - 05/10/21 12:11 PM

hello, I have a silly question. I am generating a pdf and would like to print it on a dot matrix printer. Would I need any special configuration on my planetpress image?
The printing comes out in a different format / orientation than the one specified, that's why my question.

Thanks !
Posted by: jouberto

Re: PlanetPress with printer line (dot-matrix) - 05/14/21 11:24 AM


If you ask about Image I'm assuming you then drop that PDF as is at the printer. You may look into the PDF setting "auto-rotate" in the PDF options tab of image. However regarding the format of each page I don't know that you'll be able to control that very well. Dot matrix and PDF don't sound like they should go together well. If you print through a Windows driver you may have option in it to scale the image.