Temp folder

Posted by: kbirc

Temp folder - 07/27/17 06:05 AM

Does anybody know what this temp folder is used for:


PPRESS is the service user that is used for Production.

This folder currently has over 15,000 items in (over 2.5gb), which has a lot of folders named 'tmpxxxxx', 'ptkripxxxxxxxx' and 'miax' some of these folders are two years old so not very temporary!

Can this folder be cleaned up?

Posted by: MartinS

Re: Temp folder - 07/27/17 09:08 AM

Files in this folder are definitely temporary, so don't need to be saved forever, and you may at least change the older ones.
Posted by: kbirc

Re: Temp folder - 07/28/17 05:03 AM

Thanks Martin I will have a look and delete some of the older files\folders.
Posted by: mattila

Re: Temp folder - 08/03/17 02:33 PM

We have the same thing. Could someone from Objectif Lune weigh in on what these are used for, and what should be the recommended timing/process of cleaning up the files?
Posted by: Philippe F.

Re: Temp folder - 08/04/17 08:07 AM

Those files are created by third party libraries used in the software and can be safely deleted.
Posted by: kbirc

Re: Temp folder - 08/16/17 10:10 AM

Thanks Philippe.