Dynamic image in invoices

Posted by: Luis Jimenez

Dynamic image in invoices - 07/31/17 07:14 PM


I have a txt file (No. 1). Each row of the txt file is an independent client with its information.

In another txt file (No. 2) I have a list with the IDs of the clients that need to place an image on their invoices.

As I can do within a Planetpress Production process take that list from file # 2 and compare with each client ID from file # 1 and when the ID matches, paint an image on your invoice.

Thank you so much,

Luis Fdo.
Posted by: MartinS

Re: Dynamic image in invoices - 08/01/17 10:31 AM

If you could somehow merge file #1 and file #2 by a script writing a new data file, that may be the best and fastest way.