Printer Queue Output and PDF processing

Posted by: Ken M.

Printer Queue Output and PDF processing - 10/17/17 04:09 PM

I am looking for some general info on how the Printer Queue Output module works with PDF files. I have a workflow that creates a PDF that is a combination of different documents. This goes through multiple revolutions as it builds the final PDF which then is sent to a Printer via the Printer Queue Output. What I've noticed is that it appears to 'rip apart' the PDF when sending it to the spooler via the PQO and it always slows down on a large document within the PDF when going to one printer type, but not another, on this one it just builds slowly. On the type of printer (Lexmark) that slows down on the large document I've tried setting up the spooler to send directly to printer or send to printer after last page is spooled, but they all work the same at the hesitates as it waits for the build of that large document in the PDF.
If I open the PDF directly in Adobe and print it, I don't have this speed/hesitation issue.
Posted by: Jean-C├ędric

Re: Printer Queue Output and PDF processing - 10/20/17 10:34 AM

If your printer can print PDF natively, have you tried setting up your PQO to use LPR?
Posted by: Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre

Re: Printer Queue Output and PDF processing - 10/20/17 04:08 PM

Or maybe you could also try the "Print Using a Windows Driver" feature, as this would be pretty close to printing from Acrobat, since printing from Acrobat uses a windows queue. You could try that, and see if it works better.
Posted by: Ken M.

Re: Printer Queue Output and PDF processing - 10/20/17 04:32 PM

One thing I didn't catch when I did my print from Adobe the first time is that it didn't pull from the correct trays. This print job pulls from up to 4 different trays depending on the print job and printing directly from the Adobe software didn't do that correctly.

Sorry for missing this important piece of info.